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Sauna Area at Hotel Zur Pfeffermühle

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High temperatures in our saunas combined with cool fresh air after the sauna session: perfect relaxation in the Auszeit Wellness in our Hotel zur Pfeffermühle in St. Anton am Arlberg...

  • Finnish sauna: 
    The temperature here reaches around 90°C and you have only low humidity. Due to these conditions your body functions are stimulated. The finnish sauna has a purifying and detoxicating effect.  
  • Organic-herb sauna:
    In the organic-herb sauna a temperature of around 60°C and a humidity of around 40% is reached. This is the gentle alternative to the finnish sauna. The especially mild and tranquil climate of this saune invites you to relax and fell well. 
  • Brine steambath:
    In the brine steambath you experience a temperatur of around 45°C and 100% humidity, these conditions make you relax and have a therapeutical effect. By adding brine the respiratory system is depurated and the skin becomes more flexible. 
  • Infrared cabin:
    The infrared cabin is the mildest treatment and has a warming effect on the tissue. It detoxicates the body and is perfect after sports, because it relaxes tense muscles and it makes the tissue more flexible. 

Room to feel free

I go outside! 

Only if the cooling by fresh air after your sauna session is sufficient, it has a health promoting effect. 

To feel relaxed and like born-again after a sauna session, you have to do the right cooling treatment afterwards. This real sauna-effect cannot be reached if you avoid the cooling treatment. So - go outside! 

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